Hermetic Storage: Impact on Grain, Seed, and Cocoa Quality

Hermetic storage is a game-changing technology that has significantly improved the preservation of agricultural commodities. Hermetic storage methods prevent insects and pests infestation by producing an environment that is both gas-tight and moisture-tight. This approach is not only strongly established in old agricultural methods, but it also represents current innovation, particularly in the storage of grains, seeds, and other dry agricultural commodities such as cocoa using the below:

Grain Storage bag

Agrimat's Grain storage bags are available in two sizes: small and large. These storage bags are designed to be used as liners inside sacks to aid in the storage and transportation of dry grains and seeds. By using these storage bags as liners, they help protect the contents from moisture, pests, and other external factors that could compromise the quality of the grains or seeds. This ensures that the grains or seeds remain dry and in good condition throughout storage and transportation.

Hermi bags

Agrimat's hermi bags are a more economical alternative to Mobile Grain Storage. Made of lightweight yet durable polyethylene, it provides hermetic protection for dry agricultural commodities stored indoors. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to fit different capacities of goods held in bags or boxes.

Mobile Grain storage Premium (MGS)

The Mobile Grain Storage Premium is flood-proof and hermetic, making it ideal for storing dry agricultural goods organically and for long periods of time. The flexible UV-resistant polyvinyl chloride has minimal permeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture. The MGS premium features a gas sampling valve for monitoring relative humidity. The MGS premium can endure floods below the zipper line, safeguarding supplies against unpredictable weather conditions. It can naturally prevent infestation and mold growth by maintaining low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide levels caused by insect and commodity respiration.

Mobile Grain storage Eco (MGS)

Mobile grain storage Eco is an envelope-like structure composed of flexible 200 micron polyethelene with an excellent gas barrier and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, intended for long-term indoor and outdoor use. For a few to hundreds of tonnes of grain in bags. Includes a reflective cover to defend against temperature gradients. Can be set up in locations with no infrastructure. No fumigation is required.

Gastight Container Liner (GCL)

Agricultural commodities transported in shipping containers may be exposed to heat and moisture. Condensation is a prevalent issue. Gastight Container Liners (GCL) handle the issue. Some commodities, such as coffee and cocoa, require no further intervention, whilst others, such as milled rice, may need to be shipped in a controlled atmosphere with CO2.

  • Prevents grains or seeds oxidation and the growth of microorganisms
  • Preserves the quality and reduces loss of stored dry agricultural commodities
  • Ensures safe transportation of dry agricultural commodities without employing dangerous fumigants

Grain Storage

Hermetic storage has revolutionized the way staple crops such as rice, oats, and wheat are stored. It successfully protects these vital food sources from molds and insects, which are known for causing post-harvest losses. With hermetic storage methods such as Agrimat's Improved Grain pouch, Hermi bags, Mobile Grain storage Premium, Mobile Grain Storage Eco and Gastight Container Liner  outperform synthetic pesticide-based treatments, particularly in hot and arid climates. These technologies not only keep grain moisture levels consistent, but they also prevent insect buildup, preserving grain integrity over long storage periods.

Seed Storage

The impacts of hermetic storage on seed viability and quality are significant. Hermetic storage preserves seed germination capability and reduces quality losses by minimizing metabolic activity and infestations. This is especially important in smallholder agricultural systems, because seed quality can directly affect food security.

Dry Agricultural Commodities: Cocoa

When it comes to high-value crops like cocoa, hermetic storage plays a vital role in preserving their unique qualities. Cocoa beans are susceptible to moisture reabsorption, mold growth, and insect infestation, all of which can degrade their quality.

Hermetic Storage and Cocoa Quality Enhancement: