Sprinkler Hoses

These hoses are designed specifically for agricultural irrigation purposes. They are made of durable materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to the environmental elements. Agrimat’s Irrigation Hoses are engineered to efficiently transport water to crops, providing farmers with a reliable and effective solution for watering their fields. With their emphasis on quality and functionality, Agrimat’s irrigation hoses contribute to enhancing agricultural productivity and water management.

Root Demand Irrigation (Growstream)

1| Root signals

Under their surface, plants lead incredibly lively lives. A wide variety of organic chemical signals are released by all plants into the rhizosphere, or root zone. The absorption of nutrients and water by these root exudates is one of their most vital roles. Through many stages and in response to fluctuating environmental factors like wind, rain, and temperature, they are able to absorb nutrients from the surrounding soil and continue to develop and adapt. This is made possible by the exudates they release. GrowStream establishes a symbiotic link between plant roots, soil, and water by utilizing an understanding of organic chemistry and plant physiology.

2| Growstream responds

GrowStream Tube doesn't require emission apertures placed along the tube because its whole surface is made up of millions of micropores. GrowStream Tube reacts to the presence of root exudates by opening its micropores in the appropriate location and interacting with the plants to release nutrients and water until the chemicals stop being released. The device matches the roots' ability for absorption of water with a slow-release water flow. It's an irrigation system with precision.

3| A new era for Irrigation

The types of plants, their developmental stages, and the climate all influence how much water and nutrients a given plant's roots require. Plants regulate their own water intake, therefore irrigation occurs at varying rates. GrowstreamTM tube operates at a very low pressure of 2 psi = 0.14 bar automatically, seven days a week, similar to a reservoir that is underground. The science underlying GrowstreamTM technology and its distribution mechanism in response to plant exudates is supported by RDI patents.